What A Vigorous Intensity Workout Can Do For You

What A Vigorous Intensity Workout Can Do For You

Do you know what a vigorous intensity workout can do for you?  It can do a lot for you.  A vigorous intensity workout is significant increases in breathing, heart rate, sweating and difficult to hold a conversation.  So, if you can still hold a conversation, then your workout is not vigorous enough. Your target heart rate should be 70-85% of your estimated heart rate.  So, you need to really step it up if you want to reach that target.  And it’s best to do your activities for 30 consecutive minutes as opposed to breaking it up throughout the day.

The types of vigorous intensity workouts consists of running, racewalking, singles tennis, jumping rope, hiking uphill with a heavy backpack and many more.

You should definitely be in good shape before doing any vigorous intensity workout.  If you are not one to do vigorous activities, then you should definitely work your way up to it.  Maybe start with a low intensity activity and work your way up to a moderate intensity activity.  You should definitely see your doctor first before you decide to go buck wild on your crazy wildly intense workouts!

There is a downside to doing a vigorous intensity workout.  You don’t burn as much fat as you would a low intensity workout.  You will burn 67% carbs and 33% fat.  I bet you never thought about that!  You would think that you would lose a huge amount of fat but it isn’t so.

It also depends on how long you are doing the activity.  If you are doing the activity for a short period of time, then you may not burn all of your glycogen storage.  You may not even burn fat!  Remember, it takes up to 30 minutes to burn your glycogen storage.

So that you understand, you will burn more calories at a shorter time span running than walking but you may not burn fat.  You would have to walk for an hour or more to burn the same amount of calories when running.  But, you will burn more fat walking than running.  It’s up to you.

My suggestion is this – if you have the time to walk, then walk.  If you would rather go running, then by all means do it but not anymore than 30 minutes.  It’s not a competition. It’s about what you are most comfortable with and how much time you have each day.

Just remember, slow and steady wins the race.

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