Safety Tips You Never Thought About

Safety Tips You Never Thought About

I know a thing or two about safety.  I think about it all the time living in the New Orleans area.  Also, I am a planner. There are so many times that I wished I had planned ahead, instead of just rolling with it.  Another thing I do, is prepare for any kind of situation to happen at any moment.  Yeah, I know. I am crazy but I am still alive!

My point is this, prepare for anything to happen to you at anytime! When you go to a mall or shopping strip, do you think about people hiding behind cars waiting for their next victim?  When you go to the ATM, do you think about the person hiding in a bush or dark area waiting for your money to come out to steal from you?  I do.

Shopping Safety

These are things I think about and so should you! I even started my daughter out early.  She wanted to bring her electronic toys and purses with her when we went places.  I explained to her that people don’t care that she is a kid. They still want your shit!  So, I would tell her to keep her hands on her purse at all times. That way she knew where it was and if someone was trying to get into it.  I would tell her to hold her electronic toys at all times.  Do not set them down for anything. No sooner you put down something, it can quickly be picked up someone else.

Work Out Safety

Now, back to the safety tips you need to know! Whenever I go to the park, I think of all the possible ways someone could attack me.  Yeah, I know that’s morbid but it’s better to be prepared and live than not being prepared and dead.  I also think of what I keep on me i.e. keys and phone and where my purse is.  Tip: you need your driver’s license with you whenever driving.

So, where is your purse?  Is it in the car on the seat where everyone can see it?  A year or so ago, we had people break into cars in one of our local parks.  The victims had left their belongings inside the car where everyone can see them, while they were out and about in the park.

What is wrong with this picture?  Why would you leave your precious belongings in a place where people can see it and take it?  I don’t!  So, where would you put your belongings?  In the trunk of your car!  But wait! People will know it’s in the trunk if I put my belongings in there while I am at the park! The solution: put them in the trunk before you leave your house.  No one will know and no one will see.

When you go to the park and get out of your car to go workout, you should only have your car key and phone. You don’t need anything else with you.  The less you have, the less chances of people approaching you.  But wait, what if someone wants to rape me?  Your body is a weapon, so use it! What I mean is that you have teeth for biting, legs for kicking, arms for poking their eyes out or choking them and car keys to stab them. Also, take a self defense class.  It can save your life!

Traveling Safety

Let’s talk about what to do when traveling.  Ok, what I mean is driving long distances.  I visit family a lot and that means a lot of driving. I don’t mind. And I actually love it! It gives me an opportunity to listen to my favorite music and sing along.  The problem with all of this is I do this mostly alone or with my daughter.  This makes us easy prey. Seriously, it does!

What do you do if you’re on the road?  The first thing you must do is pack everything and put it in the trunk.  You don’t want people to know you’re “traveling.”  They may know because you’re on the interstate or highway, but they are only assuming because your luggage is in the trunk of the car.  And they can’t see that!

If you have kids, they might have electronics with them and pillows and blankets.  That’s fine.  They can have those. If you stop somewhere, then have them hide their electronics under a seat or put them under the blankets and pillows. You don’t want your valuables out on display.  You just want to keep a low profile.

What about traveling and stopping for gas and a bathroom break?  For gas, stop somewhere busy and pay at the pump, then go.  Also, keep a mean look on your face.  This is where the resting bitch face comes in very handy. Don’t give anyone a reason to bother you.  For the bathroom, either go to the rest areas with security or stop at a McDonald’s restaurant.  I never stop at a gas station for a bathroom break unless it’s absolutely necessary!  Too many things can happen at a gas station like a robbery.

Shooting Scenario Safety

What about all those shootings that happen?  First, run if you can.  Do not try and be a hero!  Also, I learned from a former marine that you must become the floor.  Many people have survived shootings by faking dead.  Do it!  Don’t flinch.  If you can escape, then do it but don’t try to be a hero.  It could get you and others killed.

Another key tip is to keep an eye on your surroundings at all times.  Always know where you are and don’t let your guard down.  Listen to your gut.  Never second guess your gut either!  Find escape routes wherever you go because you never know what can happen.

So, did I scare you?  Then I have done my job. I want you to be aware of the world we live in and that anything can happen at anytime.  That doesn’t mean you should become a victim.  I hope my safety tips helped you.

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