What A Low Intensity Workout Can Do For You

What A Low Intensity Workout Can Do For You

Do you know what a low intensity workout can do for you?  It depends on what your end goal will be.  Low intensity workouts cause very mild increases in breathing, sweating and your heart rate.  The types of low intensity workouts consist of a leisurely walk, fishing, hiking and light house cleaning. Even though these workouts are easy and laid back, you can still lose weight by doing them.

You see, when doing a low intensity workout, you burn more fat than carbs.  In fact, you burn 87.5% fat and 12.5% carbs doing a low intensity workout!  Isn’t that awesome?

So that you understand what this means, you must be doing these activities for a long period of time.  For instance, if you like to hike, you can hike for a few hours and burn more fat than carbs.  Now, in order to burn that fat you must burn your glycogen storage first.  It takes at least 30 minutes to do that.

Once you burn your glycogen storage, you will start burning your fat storage.  Doesn’t that sound great?  So now you know that you can walk or hike at a slow pace and still burn fat, it just might take you a little longer than a more intense workout.

Just remember that slow and steady wins the race.

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