Let’s Talk About Dress Size

Let’s Talk About Dress Size

So, let’s talk about dress size.  Social media and entertainment news have been building up the suspense about Mama June’s dramatic weight loss.  They keep saying she has gone down to a size 4.  Now, when I hear that she has gone from being overweight to a size 4, I am thinking she is really skinny.  I mean, how great is it for her to lose all of this weight?  I think it’s great that she lost all of the weight!

My hesitance is her dress size.  You see, if I were to go to Old Navy right now, I would be wearing a size 10.  Mama June would maybe be a size 14.

Old Navy is not the standard for dress size but it’s as close to reality as I can get right now.  So, I don’t want people to fixate on her dress size and think she really is able to wear a size 4.

I think it is horrible and unrealistic to be a size 4 at her age or mine.  I would like to be a size 5/6 or 120-125 lbs to my 5’4″ frame.  Society focuses on dress sizes versus being healthy and that isn’t good for us women.

I would hate for a girl to look up to Mama June as a role model and think she can lose weight to be a size 4.  I think it sends the wrong message.

Also, a gastric sleeve is an easy way out.  You can’t argue with me on this.  I have worked for a bariatric surgeon, so I know what qualifies and what doesn’t qualify for that surgery.

Most overweight people think it’s an easy way out, while the others need it or else they will die.  It’s a very dangerous and risky surgery before, during and after surgery.

Other risky surgeries that are easy ways out are tummy tucks and liposuction. Yeah, I would love to do that for myself but I first need to lose the last 20 lbs. Many people do these surgeries to get rid of excess fat and skin.

I’m ok with that but at least make an effort of losing the weight first.  Remember, losing weight is not easy.  Slow and steady wins the race!

Ok, I’m off my soap box for now.  I will discuss gastric surgery and plastic surgery more in the future!

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