Healthy Choices – When You Don’t Bring A Lunch to Work

Healthy Choices – When You Don’t Bring A Lunch to Work

What happens when you don’t bring a lunch to work?  Ok, so I didn’t bring lunch to work today.  I completely forgot to prepare it.  Now, what do I do?  Well, I wanted to do something healthy but the options were slim.  See, I work in a hospital environment and the food is okay and cheap but too heavy than what I prefer for lunch options.

Oh and nevermind all the yummy food trucks sitting outside my building.  I have one, a bbq truck, that I can smell whenever I walk to the hospital.  It smells so good!

Since I decided I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, I went to the hospital cafeteria.  My options were turkey mac, bbq chicken and beef stew over rice with sides of green beans, mac and cheese and broccoli medley.

So, I decided on the turkey mac and green beans.  Once I saw they put two scoops of the casserole along with two veggies and a soda for five dollars, I was in! I could eat one scoop of casserole and one serving of the green beans today and the other half tomorrow.

The turkey mac was a better choice because it was turkey and not beef.  I have been trying to eat less beef. Beef isn’t bad for you but it’s not good to eat a lot of it. It’s best to eat beef once or twice a month.

Turkey is a leaner meat and the healthier option.

Yes, I did say a soda was included! I happily drank a Dr. Pepper! I don’t drink diet sodas because of the fake sugars. FYI – fake sugars are not good for you.  I will follow up in another post about that soon, so stay tuned!

I feel if you are going to drink a soda, then enjoy it!  My point is to enjoy what you eat and drink but in moderation.  If you are given a large meal, then break it up into multiple meals.

You will find that you save money and calories.  And by the way, the one scoop of turkey mac was tasty and filling.  It kept me full until it was time for my snack, so I would say my lunch quest was a success!

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