Let Them Eat Cake…And Pizza

Let Them Eat Cake…And Pizza

Has someone offered you cake and pizza whether at work or social gathering?  I know I have!  I take that piece of cake and enjoy every single bite! Don’t think about the calories, fat or that it’s bad for you.  It really isn’t bad for you…at least one piece that one time.

Now, I don’t recommend eating cake every single day of your life! I think you should enjoy cake or whatever sweet treat you like.  In fact, I work with a cytogenetic director who has a drawer full of yummy chocolate candy.

Every single day I will pull open that drawer and get a couple of pieces.  I call it my “sweet for the day.”  You deserve a “sweet for the day.”

Side note – I don’t suggest eating cake every day but eating a small piece of candy is ok to have on a daily basis.

We should never deprive ourselves of the things we love.  We should enjoy food! I know I do! Just to make you feel better, I had a lot of cake and then ate an entire small pizza (6 slices) the next night!

Yeah, I could have stopped at the third slice but my breakfast, lunch and snacks that week were not high in fats.  My body was craving fats and I was happy to oblige!

Now, understand this.  I have been working out via interval running/walking and strength training 3 to 4 days of the week, so I don’t feel THAT guilty about eating all of that yummy food.

Remember, at this time I am still trying to lose the last 20 lbs but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy life.  I will enjoy every single bite of yummy food that comes my way.

And by the way, I went down a bra size so I know whatever it is I am doing is working.  So, don’t be hard on yourself! Enjoy your “sweet for the day!”  I say, “Let them eat cake and pizza!”


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