The Best Healthy Protein Shake

The Best Healthy Protein Shake

Do you like protein shakes?  Are you busy and always on the go and forget to eat breakfast?  You know the most important meal of the day? Have you ever wanted to just drink your breakfast?  I’m not talking about Starbucks!  I am talking about a healthy meal replacement full of 15 grams of plant-based protein, sugar free, 5 grams of fiber and with a blend of vitamins, minerals and greens.

I’m talking about 310 Nutrion.  Not only is it packed with a lot of nutrition, it is also great for weight loss. My favorite one is the chocolate flavored shake.  Personally, I like to just add the powder to a big glass of milk but there are lots of ways to drink them.  Did I mention? It tastes great! I don’t get that chalky taste that others give. I feel like I am drinking a chocolate milk. Who doesn’t love chocolate milk?

This protein powder has plant-based proteins such as pea, brown rice and hemp. The pea protein helps keep you satiated and builds muscle, which is goes great with your strength training you have been doing.  Also, this protein powder has brown rice protein that helps with weight loss and reducing blood sugar spikes. No more “hangry” moments! The hemp protein is high in fiber and Omega-3s and raise your metabolism. By raising your metabolism, this will help you lose weight.

And please don’t forget about your vitamins and minerals! The 310 Nutrition shake includes Vitamin E and A and the minerals magnesium, calcium and potassium.  Along with those wonderful vitamins and minerals, the shake includes blend of greens such as organic broccoli, kale, spinach, spirulina and cracked cell chlorella. Some other additional nutritional ingredients are alfalfa juice powder, beet juice and pomegranate extract.

Here are the different flavors you can try:


Vanilla Chai



Salted Caramel


Don’t these ingredients and flavors sound good to you? I mean, who wouldn’t want to make sure their breakfast or lunch is nutritious? I know I would!

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